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We do translations of texts from/into foreign languages in any subject area, including:

  • Translation of general documents (business and personal letters, diplomas, passports, certificates, letters of reference, restaurant menus, guide-books, advertising and informational texts, etc.);

  • Economic translation (scientific articles, economic forecasts, surveys, consulting, etc.);

  • Financial translation (accounting reports and documents, balance sheets, business plans, etc);

  • Legal translation (contracts, agreements, tender offers, foundation and registration documents, certificates, court documentation, etc.);

  • Technical translation (design and normative documentation, instructions for use, instructions for equipment assembly, set-up and repair, equipment and materials catalogues, etc.):
    • electronics ;
    • domestic appliances, audio and video equipment;
    • automobiles and automotive spare parts;
    • woodwork;
    • machine building;
    • power engineering;
    • chemical industry;
    • oil and gas industry;
    • construction;
    • computers and information technologies;

  • Medical translation (scientific articles, medical histories, pharmacology, prescriptions, medical equipment, biology, health, sports, etc.);

  • Translation of scientific and journalistic texts and belles-lettres (literary works, articles, books, booklets, and brochures, etc.);

  • Translation of Web sites. In contrast to the majority of other translation agencies, we do not charge extra for the translation of Web sites. We translate Web sites for the same prices as any other text information.

You can check our prices for translation services in the Prices section.

Upon the customer’s request, we can do a test translation of 0.5-1 page (no more than 1800 characters with spaces) free-of-charge. Usually, such a translation is enough to estimate the quality of our service.

How to order a translation with us?

  • If a document you need to have translated exists in electronic form, please send it to us via e-mail. We accept files in any format: (.doc, .rtf, .txt, .xls, .tif, .jpg, .pdf, .html, .ppt, etc.). We will estimate the volume of text in your file and notify you of the cost of translation.

  • If a document you need to have translated exists only on paper, you can send it to us by fax or give it to us in person – if necessary, our manager will come to your office or home to take/bring the order.


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