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In regard to terms we are willing to meet the customer’s interests and requirements to the maximum possible extent.

When the matter concerns translation, the customer should keep in mind that, depending on the complexity of a text, one translator can produce on average 7-10 pages per day. If necessary, we assign several translators to an order or work during week-ends – we do our best to accomplish the order in time.

Urgency criterion for translation services:

A translation is considered urgent if it has to be produced during 24 hours from the moment we accept the order, or if it is required to translate more than 10 pages (1800 characters with spaces) per day (only office days are counted here). In these cases, an extra charge for urgency is added to the cost of translation. This extra charge depends on the degree of urgency and on average amounts to 2-3 euros per page.

All other translation orders are considered non-urgent and are produced with the translation rate of no more than 10 pages per day.


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